First view of the new movie about Peter Pan

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Above you can see the new trailer for the upcoming movie titled simply “Pan”, which is said to be realized in July 17 2015. This is our first look at what is to come in what seems to be the prequel to the original Peter Pan stories; this shows Peter as an orphan being abducted and taken away to Neverland where he meets our usual heroes such as Tiger Lily(Rooney Mara) and an unusual portrayal of Captain Hook(Garett Hedlund). We also get a first peek at Hugh Jackman as Blackbeird who seems to be the main villain in this version.

The whole shebang is director by Joe Wright who has directed movies such as “Atonment”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Hanna” and Anna “Karenina” (and where is Keira Knightly in this, she seems to be a Helena Bonham Carter to his Tim Burton – thankfully she is no where to be seen).




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